What is colic?

Colic is excessive wind which builds up in your baby’s system caused from little bubbles (burps) missed from feeds throughout the day. This is very painful and causes bouts of crying in a usually healthy baby. The crying can continue for several hours and although it is not always the case, is often early evening when the discomfort begins. It seems that no amount of comfort can console your baby, often leaving you feeling exhausted.

How can I help my baby?
Take time to feed. The average feed should take around one hour.
Wind well during and after every feed.
Allow kicking time, this gives baby the opportunity to dislodge the wind.
Don’t allow him to fall asleep on your shoulder. A baby will rarely complain when he falls asleep on your shoulder. He is comfortable and upright. When a baby is put down to sleep he will usually complain if he has wind, take this opportunity to spend the time winding after a little wriggle. It will pay off in the early evening!
Using the correct size teats if bottle feeding.
A baby drinking from a teat that is too small will fill up with wind. A baby using a teat too large will also create excessive wind. This tends to come up more easily but will cause discomfort.
Breastfeeding mums
If breast feeding be sure not to give too much foremilk. Too many times I see new parents swapping sides way before its necessary, effectively giving him two lots of foremilk rather than a mix of fore and hind milk (food and drink). Too much foremilk creates excessive wind and an unsettled baby.
I recommend that you feed 2/3 of your feed on the first side then swapping and giving 1/3 from the second side. At the next feed repeat the process starting on the side you finished feeding on. This should give him the correct amount of fore and hind milk making it easier to settle during the day and keeping colic to a minimum.

Colic drops
Colic drops can be purchased over the counter. These can be administered orally before the feed or some brands straight in to the milk. Colic drops are usually effective for a short period of time.
Should at any time you feel concerned about your baby you must contact your GP or a healthcare professional.
I hope this helps! Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Happy Winding!

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