The reality of bringing home my firstborn baby compared to my expectations couldn’t have been further apart. As a breast-feeding new mum I found the experience terrifying, daunting, confusing, knackering … The list was endless.

I felt like I was doing it all wrong . I assumed my maternal instinct would take over but my baby was just so unsettled, I was feeding all through the day and night and those first few days/weeks were an emotional haze until I was put in touch with Nicola aka super night nurse !! Within minutes of her arriving my baby changed and we all breathed a sigh of relief .

Nicola picked up on all my anxieties and turned them around, with her years of knowledge and experience she not only gave us a much needed rest and recharge, she gave us the structure and support we needed to nurture our baby .

She was calming and helped us gain a relaxed and settled sense of security I cannot thank her enough and would recommend her in a flash !!!

X Amanda

I highly recommend Nicola Moon to anyone looking for a professional, trustworthy and experienced night nurse. I have used Nicola for both my children (my eldest is almost 3.5yrs and Nicola helped me for a 6 week period at the time, 3 nights per week and my youngest is now 12  months and I hired Nicola for 5 nights per week for 9 weeks)

She is a true professional and I cannot recommend highly enough!

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Nicola again if I ever have a third!

I am more than happy to give a verbal reference should you wish.