How to deal with reflux in babies

What is reflux?

Reflux is caused by an immature valve at the end of your baby’s food pipe. The valve has not yet fully developed in a young baby and as result of this the contents of your baby’s stomach can come back up the food pipe leaving your baby in discomfort.

At what age does reflux in babies generally develop?

Reflux often develops around the 8 week mark. In more severe cases it can be much earlier and in other cases later too. In most cases that I have seen the baby has been between 6-10 weeks old.

What are signs of reflux in small babies?

A good feeder can often start to fuss, play with the bottle or breast. The amount of milk taken at each feed can decrease dramatically over a short period of time and both you and baby can find feed times extremely stressful. Other signs could be vomiting, Posseting more than usual, sticking out his tongue, comfort feeding to alleviate pain, crying more than usual during or after a feed, weight loss and blowing bubbles. All cases vary, should you feel cause for concern you should consult your doctor or a health professional.

During feeding times, the baby can scream in discomfort, go very rigid refuse the feed to the point where he takes the absolute minimum needed to stop the feeling of hunger. You may find yourself only being able to feed whilst walking around with him. This can happen practically overnight.

How can reflux be resolved?

In most cases this can easily be resolved by a trip to the G.P or paediatrician where medication can be prescribed.

Reflux in babies is often short lived and is more often than not resolved by the time he is on solids.

Sitting up after a feed and elevating the moses basket or cot can help with discomfort after feeding.

If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to call on me. Always happy to help!

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